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We share sample size bottles of the Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Rinse with our Oncology patients to encourage gum health through cancer treatment and care. Over the past two years we have received many positive comments about this product! Our patients find The Natural Dentist Rinse both soothing and refreshing and value the all-natural ingredients used in this oral rinse. Patients dealing with oral care issues during chemotherapy often tell us the Natural Dentist rinse provided oral relief throughout their course of care. We appreciate the opportunity to share this valued product with our cancer patients and wish you continued success!
-- Kris Admire, Manager, Patient Education and Resources Program, Amber Pharmacy

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Chemotherapy is a daunting and frightening word, with good reason. You are literally poisoning yourself to get healthy. The side effects of chemotherapy are numerous, and none are pleasant. By the end of my treatments I concluded I suffered from every possible side effect but two, one being no mouth sores, thanks to The Natural Dentist.
-- Judi S., Brooklyn

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After being on chemotherapy, I had the worst mouth sores. . . My dentist told me about The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums. It has been a life saver.
-- Anya M., NJ

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