“Aloe vera has been used in dentistry for its wound healing effects. Aloe vera may reduce the pain and duration of aphthous ulcers [mouth sores] while speeding healing.”1

The original formula for The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Mouth Rinse was developed by a dentist to treat his patients’ gum conditions. It was introduced in 1995 and quickly garnered a following among dentists who recognized its therapeutic benefits and all-natural ingredients. Soon, health-care professionals and cancer sufferers learned that The Natural Dentist was effective for relieving mouth sores and inflammation associated with chemotherapy and radiation.

The Natural Dentist Mouth Rinse is made from a combination of well-known herbs that have been used in medicines throughout history. They are all highly-researched ingredients and have gained substantial scientific credibility for their efficacy.

The most important ingredients for cancer patients are:

Aloe vera is an ancient, natural ingredient that would be hailed as a major scientific breakthrough if it came out of a modern drug lab. It coats, soothes and can even heal sores and irritations. Proven in multiple clinical studies, Aloe vera has been used in dentistry for its wound-healing effects. Aloe vera may also reduce the pain and duration of mouth sores while speeding healing.1 The Natural Dentist is the only leading rinse to contain Aloe vera at a level high enough to maximize its therapeutic benefit.Echinacea is used topically for its wound-healing and anti-inflammatory benefits.2 Antibacterial and antiviral activities result from its immunostimulant properties.3
Goldenseal possesses antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. It tightens the mucous membrane due to its astringent qualities and controls inflammation.4Calendula is used as a wound healer for the treatment of mouth ulcers. It is also used for fungal infections, and as an anti-inflammatory cream to soothe skin lesions.4

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You won’t find alcohol or any harsh chemicals in The Natural Dentist Mouth Rinse.

We are committed to using plant-based, therapeutic ingredients, so you can use The Natural Dentist with complete confidence that it won’t harm sensitive mouth tissue. You can use it as often as needed.

We use only essential oils so you can enjoy a great natural flavor. Our products do not contain any artificial sweeteners, dyes or preservatives.

Directions for use:

  • Shake well prior to opening bottle.
  • Rinse with 20mL (2/3 ounce) twice a day for 30-60 seconds, then spit out excess.
  • Use as frequently as needed when suffering from mouth sores or inflammation.